Class Schedule

Date Class Project Due in Class
Week 1:  01/13

Introduction to Senior Design I

  • Identify learning goals for ECEN4013. 
  • Discuss Certifications
  • Set up teams
  • Review of course syllabus
  • What is Design?


  • Engineering Design Process: Read Chapter 1 of your textbook . 
  • Project Selection and Needs: Read Chapter 2 of your textbook
Week 2:  1/20
Monday is University Holiday

Electronic CAD I:  MultiSim


    Project Requirements & Constraints

    Today's class focuses on determining the endpoints of a project and introduces you to constraints on design. Read Chapter 3 of your textbook.

    Project Management

    Critical to any design project is a person or group who maintains a holistic view and balances time, resources, and people. 


    Choose Project Manager and Lead Engineer (Tuesday)


D2L Quizzes, Engineering Tradeoff Matrix and Project WBS


Multisim assignment due, D2L Quiz, and Project Level 1 Functional Block Diagram  

Week 3: 1/27

Electronic CAD II:  Ultiboard

Do CAD I & II assignments with Altium

  • Team Contract Due
  • Certification 1 Due (Thursday)
  • Peer Evaluations (Thursday)
Ultiboard assignment due
Week 4:  2/3
  • Preliminary Block Diagram Due (Tuesday)
  • Certification 2 Due (Thursday)
Altium Assignment Due
Week 5:  2/10

Block Diagram Presentation

(this is a team milestone, nothing is due individually)

  • Block Diagram Due (Tuesday)
  • Certification 3 and Team Testing Practical Due (Thursday)
AutoCAD assignment due
Week 6:  2/17


Research is one of factors that distinguishes novice engineers (who don't do research) from expert designers (who do a LOT of research).  This weeks assignment is to learn about research in  a general sense to meet the research goals of your team's design project.

D2L Quiz and References assignment
Week 7:  2/24
  • Research Due (Thursday)
Week 8:  3/3


Any realistic engineering design project is done as part of a team.  How can you function well on a team yet still maintain your identity?  What are characteristics of people who don't work well on teams?

  • Peer Evaluation (Wednesday)
D2L Quiz and Case study answer
Week 9:  3/10

Block Diagram Test

Bring pencils or pens of at least three colors with you. You must be able to draw in black, blue, and some other color

Week :  3/17

Spring Break

Week 10:  3/24
  • Prototyping Due (Tuesday)
  • Barebones PCB Order (Thursday)
Week 11:  3/31

Capstone Design

After this class you will undertake a project on your own, without the timeline and structure of DoES.  What are the experiences of other students?

  • Peer Evaluations (Wednesday)
Write out three questions for Design 2 students
Week 12:  4/7

System Reliability

This weeks reading covers some basic probability on how long electronic devices can be expected to last

  • Integration Phase 1 Due (Tuesday)
  • Pro PCB Order (Thursday)
D2L Quiz
Week 13:  4/14


A key part of the design cycle is testing your design to see if it meets your expectation and your customer's requirements.

  • Peer Evaluation(Wednesday)
D2L Quiz
Week 14:  4/21

Engineers and Intellectual Property

A large part of your career will be spent generating new ideas.  How much are they worth and who owns your ideas?

D2L Quiz
Week 15:  4/28
Dead Week

Final Demonstration- Design Day

  • Project Due (Tuesday)
  • Project Report (Friday)
  • Peer Evaluations (Friday)
* * *



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